Skigen Digital offers a variety of technology and marketing consulting services for businesses in the Denver Metro Area. From providing expert advice all the way to full project execution, think of Skigen Digital Services as your technical & marketing department

Internet Development

Regardless of your industry, when you are doing business in the 21st century,  the internet is essential to success.

Your potential customers decide whether or not to do business with you based solely on your web presence; oftentimes without ever stepping foot in your establishment.

SkigenDigital will help your business design and manage every aspect of their internet strategy, from simple “hey, we’re here!” brochure websites to advanced eCommerce, portals, internet marketing, social media and more, SkigenDigital will help your business develop and operate a comprehensive internet strategy.

As a Full Stack web developer, Skigen Digital offers comprehensive custom development services to help you realize your complete internet vision.

Whether upgrading or refreshing existing internet assets, or starting fresh, SkigenDigital will help your business be at it’s best on the internet. Get in touch with us today!

Examples of our Comprehensive Web Support Services:

  • Website design, development, integration, operation & training.
  • eCommerce (specializing in Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce & Volusion)
  • Wordpress
  • Joomla & Drupal
  • Google Apps for Business (Gmail/Google Drive/Calendar & more!)
  • Online Marketing
  • Google Adwords
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Analytics
  • Social Media & eMail
  • Software-as-a-Service Integrations
  • Custom development

Marketing: Branding, Graphics & Multimedia

What do all the biggest businesses in the world have in common? A great brand!

We live in a world of brands. A great brand provides an emotional connection to your company that attracts and retains business. A brand isn’t just a logo (though one is important), rather, it’s every aspect of how your company projects to the world.

SkigenDigital will not only help your company develop, deploy and manage it’s brand, but also offers associated graphic services that will help you maximize the value of your brand.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with us!

Examples of our Marketing, Branding & Graphics Services:

  • Brand Development & Integration
  • Business Cards, Mailers, Brochures & Fliers
  • Copywriting
  • Print Advertisements
  • Logos
  • Brochures
  • Banners
  • Shirts & Imprinted Merchandise
  • Photography
  • Video production

Business Technology Support

Computer technology is now such an essential part of nearly every modern business that we like to think of it as a utility analogous to plumbing or electricity. Just like pipes and electrical wires, technology resources must be installed, maintained and occasionally replaced or upgraded. 

Think of SkigenDigital as full-service ‘technology plumbers’ for your business

SkigenDigital will help your organization manage every aspect of the technology it relies on so you can focus on what matters most to your business 

Need help with your business technology? Get in touch today!

Examples of our Business Technology Support Services:

  • Networking & WiFi
  • Email & Cloud Applications
  • Google Apps for Business
  • Apple Hardware
  • Windows Hardware
  • Tablets 
  • Telephones, VOIP & PBX
  • Printers & peripherals
  • Repairs & Upgrades
  • Emergencies
  • Point of Sale
  • Software support
  • Video & audio

Custom Technology Solutions

When it comes to technology, we prefer to avoid 'reinventing the wheel', however, sometimes the perfect ‘off the shelf’ solution simply doesn't exist. In that case, it’s time to consider custom-developing exactly what you need either from scratch or by connecting existing components.

SkigenDigital has extensive experience in development of reliable purpose-built technology and will achieve your custom development goals, from beginning to end.

Think your business can benefit from a custom developed technology solution? Get in touch with SkigenDigital

Examples of our Custom Technology Services:

  • Process automation
  • Application integrations
  • Databases
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Cloud hosting & services
  • Custom applications
  • Linux
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • MongoDB