If you’ve ever run a website, you know how important it is to optimize your site for search engine traffic. Achieving high rankings on Google and Bing is oftentimes critical to the success of a website or online business. The best website or idea is useless if nobody can find it. 

SEO that Really Works, No BS! 

Once upon a time, back in the wild west days of the internet, there were many tricks and techniques one could use to effectively improve the odds of achieving high search engine rank. These worked for a while until people started figuring out how to ‘game the system’ to attract traffic to low quality or spam sites.  Before long, these spammers had created an awful search experience for the user, so the search engines got smarter and filled the loopholes. Now, at best, utilizing these techniques are ineffective, and at worst, use of them may actually penalize your site and may cause permanent exclusion from the search engine! 

Many SEO companies make bold, sometimes outlandish promises. And some might even be able to achieve short-term results using unscrupulous techniques that Google hasn’t caught on to yet ...but what happens when Google inevitably adjusts the search algorithm to  or identifies you as someone using “black hat” techniques? 

Relevance, relevance, relevance

Today, search engines are really more of “relevance engines”; their goal is to get a user to the most relevant information possible for their query. From an SEO standpoint, this represents a paradigm shift in the way we look at obtaining traffic from search. Now, the goal is to understand what your users actually want and how to use that to create the most engaging, relevant content possible and create the best possible experience for them, which hopefully translates into business for you. 

SEO no longer means stuffing your content with keywords and getting backlinks from other sites. It’s now a big-picture consideration that requires detailed understanding, customized strategy and competent execution. 

How we can help

At Skigen.Digital, our goal is to help you understand the role SEO plays in your business and what can be done to maximize the benefit you receive from it. We’ll develop and implement a comprehensive, healthy & sustainable long-term SEO strategy that your organization can build on. 

Free Consultation

At Skigen.Digital, we always “seek first to understand” and offer a free initial consultation to ensure we can help your organization. Sound good? Just visit our contact us page and tell us a little about your organization. We'll be in touch in a jiffy!