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Whether you are new to Shopify or already have a Shopify site started, Skigen.Digital is a Shopify Designer who will help you with everything you need to do, step by step, on your way to success

Our inclusive Shopify Website Design Services include:

  • Shopify design
  • Shopify liquid development
  • Theming customization & development
  • Catalog design
  • Business process & back office operations
  • Replatforming from a different cart to Shopify
  • Emergency repairs
  • Upgrades
  • Training
  • Optimization
  • Marketplaces & Social Media
  • Marketing & digital strategy
  • Back office system integrations

We’ve designed, built, branded, advised and managed many dozens of eCommerce sites. We know our way around eCommerce and would love the opportunity to help you take advantage of the world wide possibilities of eCommerce!

Skigen.Digital is Shopify Partner!

Skigen.Digital is Shopify Partner!

About Skigen Digital

Picture of Benjamin Skigen

Hi! I'm Ben Skigen! With over two decades of experience as a web developer, designer, and marketer, I started Skigen.Digital to help people build successful online businesses & websites. Together with my skilled associates, our mission is to help businesses develop a winning Web/eCommerce strategy, and empower their online potential through efficiency and tactful planning.

Your success is my success!

If you've been looking for dependable, local Shopify Developer experts who are committed to your success, then you’ve found them!

Seek First to Understand

When you engage Skigen Digital for your Shopify website design project, we invest time getting to know your business and understand the role your Shopify website will play in the success of your business.

With the huge revenue opportunities of online commerce, such growth inevitably creates unexpected operational and administrative burdens. We'll help you proactively anticipate potential challenges so you can confidently manage and scale your business.

Big or Small, We Develop it All

Skigen.Digital handles Shopify design & development projects of any size. Whether you are an inventor or entrepreneur selling just one product or, a large business with a catalog in the thousands, we will help you create the perfect Shopify store for your business.

From design to setup to operations, integrations and training, Skigen Digital offers comprehensive support of your Shopify store every step of the way.

Shopify Back Office System Integrations

Many Shopify store owners wish to connect their online store to their existing business systems such as accounting, inventory, point of sale, or fulfillment. We have extensive experience in software integrations to efficiently bridge the gaps between your Shopify site and the technology systems your business already depends on. 

Upgrading to Shopify

If you already operate an online store on another platform, Skigen.Digital can help you upgrade to Shopify with minimal disruption to your business. Leave the headaches of managing your old eCommerce system behind!

  • Magento to Shopify Upgrades
  • Wordpress/WooCommerce to Shopify Upgrades
  • and more! We're experienced with many different eCommerce platforms

Comprehensive Service Menu

As a Shopify developer, we'll not only build your Shopify eCommerce site, but we're also able to support your entire digital business strategy, or just parts of it. We offer comprehensive support services including:

  • Support, training and upgrades
  • Online marketing & strategy
  • Graphics, branding & print
  • Copywriting
  • Web applications
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Video & photography
  • Social media
  • eMail services
  • System integrations

All Work Completed in Colorado

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To assure quality and efficiency, we never outsource to organizations overseas. 99% of our Shopify design and development work occurs right in the great State of Colorado. 


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