WoodenSpools.com Wordpress Overhaul

Wooden Spools is a quilting & knitting supply store in Denver, Colorado, established in 2010. Skigen.Digital created their first website, and was recently re-engaged to refresh the site to a more modern experience. 

Back in 2010, mobile web optimization was still in it's infancy. The site did not respond to the variety of screen sizes it might be viewed on. Nowadays, an approach to web design like this is far from optimal; their analytics showed that nearly half of their traffic was attempting to view the site from a smart phone or tablet, and those users were having a poor experience.

Since the original website was developed, knitting and quilting classes had become a big part of Wooden Spools' business, so the owner wanted functionality to allow her customers to easily register and pay for classes online. Overall, the owner wanted the site to be easier for her to manage, and for her customers to use. 

After consulting with the owner and establishing an understanding of what needed to be done, Skigen.Digital proposed to completely overhaul the original Wordpress website, which was accepted. 

The new WoodenSpools.com is built on a customized fully-responsive theme that looks great on any device, from the smallest mobile to the largest desktop.

To improve the process for class registrations, Skigen.Digital created an interactive events calendar & booking system.  This system allows users to not only see a calendar of upcoming classes, but also to register and pay for them online. The application will send files, such as a supply list, to registered participants prior to the event.  Also, prior to an event, the system generates a list of registered attendees for the instructor. Best of all, the entire system is incredibly easy for the store's staff to administer. 

Given the visual nature of quilting and knitting, a gallery system was also implemented to display work by customers. This type of content is perfect for social media, but the owner was spending a lot of time posting the images both to Facebook and to the website. To simplify this process, Skigen.Digital integrated the website gallery with Facebook.  Now, when a new image is posted to certain albums on Facebook, they immediately appear on the website as well!

For this project, Skigen.Digital supplied: 

  • Wordpress web development
  • eCommerce (via Wordpress WooCommerce)
  • Location photography
  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media integration
  • Facebook gallery integration
  • Blog setup
  • SEO

Since going live, Wooden Spools has received numerous compliments and praise about the new site. In the few short weeks it's been in production, it's already a huge success and Wooden Spools is confident this site will help take the business to the next level.

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