Selling Yarn Online with Wooden Spools and Shopify

Recently, Skigen.Digital completed a significant Shopify online store upgrade for popular Denver-based yarn eTailer, Wooden Spools. 

Wooden Spools is a store which offers yarn, fabric, and knitting and quilting supplies. The store quickly gained popularity, and soon, nationwide customers, hearing of the store from their friends and online communities, began calling to purchase items over the phone. Of course, this lead to Wooden Spools creating it's first online store on Shopify in 2013. 

Only four years later and Wooden Spools' online store was in need of attention. The original Shopify theme used for the site felt outdated and was inadequate for handling the now large assortment of yarn and fabric sold via the online store. The store was difficult to shop, unless the user knew what they were looking for. Overall, Wooden Spools thought the experience was lacking and wanted to invest in an upgrade to better compete. 

Skigen.Digital reviewed the site and discovered numerous experience optimization opportunities. From this analysis, a list of recommendations was turned into a plan of action, centered around creating a fresh look and feel for the store. 

A redesign proposal was soon approved, and work began. A new theme foundation was selected, which offered more presentational options, a powerful facet-based browse navigation, better promotional opportunities, extensive control, full responsive compatibility, and overall, a fresher, more modern look. 

To take advantage of many of these new capabilities, data enhancement on the catalog was also necessary. During the course of this project, Skigen.Digital implemented numerous efficiencies to reduce the operational burden of managing the catalog, including automation and custom logic. 

The newly upgraded Wooden Spools Online Store launched in April 2017 to the great satisfaction of the client!

For this project, Skigen.DIgital supplied:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Shopify upgrades
  • Shopify theming
  • Shopify Liquid development
  • Responsive design
  • User experience optimization
  • Image editing
  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting

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