Bubba's Fine Foods

Bubba's Fine Foods is a company which produces delicious grain-free snacks, ideal for people with a paleo or gluten free lifestyle. Products made by company are sold in hundreds of stores all over the country.

Bubba's Fine Foods already had a Shopify site, but it had been built using a very basic template, which they felt was inadequately projecting their brand.

After a discussion regarding their aesthetic and functional goals, Skigen.Digital set to work on a theme upgrade, which was completed and in production within just one week's time.

The new Bubba's Fine Foods created by Skigen.Digital offers: 

  • Responsive design
  • Instagram integration
  • Custom product display modules
  • Front page hero video
  • Optimized UX 

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SpectaClip is a simple solution to a problem faced by billions of people across the world: "where do I store my glasses when I'm not wearing them?"

Invented by a dental hygienist who was sick of losing or breaking her glasses, SpectaClip offers an inexpensive, secure place to conveniently stash your eyewear. 

SpectaClip approached Skigen.Digital seeking a website to sell their product, and needed it completed in just a few weeks time.

Skigen.Digital reviewed the product, and SpectaClip's business goals before confirming that Shopify was the ideal platform to power the new online store. 

In just over two weeks, Skigen.Digital took the project from concept to completion, creating an awesome Shopify-powered online store for SpectaClip to market & sell their peeper keepers. 

The site offers fully responsive layout, and a wholesale pricing system to allow retailers and resellers to purchase the product in bulk at special wholesale pricing. 

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Tea Cartel

The Tea Cartel's New Shopify Site by Skigen.Digital

The Tea Cartel's New Shopify Site by Skigen.Digital

Matcha is the powdered form of the highest-quality and most-desirable green tea buds. Packed with antioxidants, theanine, and caffeine, Matcha is thought to provide calm, focused energy, as well as long-term health benefits, including prevention of cancer and improvement to the quality of skin.

Traditionally consumed as a tea, The Tea Cartel puts high-grade organic Matcha powder from Japan in a vegan and gluten-free capsule, for convenient and consistent daily use. 

The Tea Cartel approached Skigen.Digital in February of 2017 seeking a Shopify website for the company, and it's flagship product, "Matcha Caps". The company needed the website up quickly in order to coincide with a major industry trade show, and Skigen.Digital delivered on time and at budget.

For this project, Skigen.Digital provided:

  • Shopify site development
  • Subscribe & Save functionality
  • Responsive, mobile compatible design. 
  • Google G Suite
  • Social media integration
  • 3D rendered product images
  • eCommerce strategic guidance 
  • Copywriting
  • Image editing & graphic design

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Gourmet Gary's

Gourmet Gary's Key Features:

  • Catalog of 30+ items

  • Responsive design

  • "Subscribe & Save" recurring order feature
  • Social Media & email integration

Services we Provided:

  • Shopify Design
  • Catalog design
  • Copywriting
  • Product photography sourcing & editing
  • Branding optimization
  • Graphic Design

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Need a Shopify Site for your business? Check out our Shopify Development page for more information about Sklgen.Digital's comprehensive Shopify services!

Start Smart Driving Academy

Start Smart Driving Academy is a driving school serving students in the Western Denver metro area. 

For this project, Skigen.Digital helped the owners of Start Smart Driving Academy develop their brand, digital marketing strategy, & website. 

Project Highlights

  • Logo design
  • GSuite
  • Marketing Messaging
  • Website design
    • Wordpress
    • Responsive
  • Digital marketing strategy

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Snowy Peak Entertainment

Snowy Peak Entertainment is an award-winning digital video production company based in Littleton, Colorado. 

When the team from Snowy Peak met with Skigen.Digital, they already had a clear vision for how they wanted their website to look and function. Skigen.Digital helped achieve their vision utilizing the Wordpress content management system.

Snowy Peak TV Features

  • Responsive design
  • Integrated fullscreen video
  • Dynamic portfolio and team management
  • Built on Wordpress

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Steve Law Band

Steve Law Band is a rock band based in Denver, Colorado. Fronted by Steve Law, the band has released several albums since it's inception nearly a decade ago. 

When Steve Law approached Skigen.Digital, he already had a Squarespace site, but needed help realizing his website goals with the platform. Skigen.Digital used the bands music and existing creative collateral to create a fresh brand website which effectively establishes the band's persona. 

For this project, Skigen.Digital provided:

  • Squarespace Website Design & Development
  • Logo design
  • Copywriting
  • Bandsintown integration
  • Social media integration
  • Gallery 
  • Search Engine Optimization

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Liberty Wristband

Liberty Wristband is a company who designed and produceds an innovate wristband to hold a pet dog's leash without having to use your hands. It's quality construction features a clever quick-release mechanism to securely hold your dog's leash, but rapidly opens to release the animal when necessary.

When Liberty Wristband came to Skigen.DIgital, the company had an existing eCommerce website, but was struggling to find support for it as it was built on a rarely-used eCommerce platform . After evaluating their goals, we recommended rebuilding the site on Shopify.

For this project, Skigen.Digital provided:

  • Shopify eCommerce Site Design & Development
  • Brand development
  • Responsive design
  • SEO 
  • Copywriting
  • eCommerce strategy development
  • Graphic design
  • Product photography & editing
  • 360 Product Photography
  • Retail product packaging
  • Email marketing campaigns

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RE Lee Company

RE Lee Company is a manufacturer of tools and accessories for professional pipe fitters and welders. The company originated nearly 100 years ago and has provided quality Made In USA products to generations of professional pipe workers. 

When representatives from the company got in touch with Skigen.Digital, the company already had an existing eCommerce website. However, it was built on an old ecommerce platform which had ceased development years ago and had gradually fallen into disrepair. RE Lee Co had been tipped off about Shopify and sought a developer to make a new site for the company on Shopify.

Prior to commencing work, Skigen.Digital worked with RE Lee Co to understand their business goals, products, and customers. We took time to ensure we developed a site that attracted and converted their customers. 

For this project, Skigen.Digital provided:

  • Shopify eCommerce & Web Development
  • Brand development
  • Copywriting & product descriptions
  • Image editing
  • Graphic design
  • Catalog design & setup
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • GSuite 
  • Training & custom documentation

Check out RELeeCo.com

Mi-Pulse.com : Smart Sports Bras

Mi Pulse is a developer of sports bras with an integrated heart rate monitoring system.  The high-tech bras are designed for female athletes serious about maximizing the results of their workout program.

When Mi Pulse approached Skigen.Digital, they had a product, some spec marketing copy, a bunch of great photos, and a temporary placeholder website. Skigen.Digital worked with the company to understand the product and not only develop a Shopify eCommerce website, but also create a comprehensive digital and aesthetic brand strategy

For this project, Skigen.Digital provided:

  • Shopify Web & eCommerce Development
  • Responsive design
  • Brand development
  • Catalog design & product setup
  • Retail Point of Sale Support
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • Photo editing
  • Print design
  • Packaging design
  • Social media strategic support


Official website for BroadsidedComedy.com, a troupe who creates & performs witty comedy shows designed for women.

As the owners of this site are comedians and not web designers, in order to make management of this site as hassle-free as possible and stay within budget, Skigen.Digital elected to build the site on the Squarespace platform. A hosted web development platform, Squarespace makes it easy for a group like Broadsided to have a slick, professional website without the operational burden previously associated with one. 

For this project, Skigen.Digital supplied: 

  • Squarespace web development 
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • Event photography
  • Email & Social Media integration


Wooden Spools 2016

Wooden Spools Home   Wooden Spools Quilting Knitting   More.png

Wooden Spools is a quilting & knitting supply store in Denver, Colorado, established in 2010. Skigen.Digital created their first website, and was recently re-engaged to refresh the site to a more modern experience. 

Back in 2010, mobile web optimization was still in it's infancy. The site did not respond to the variety of screen sizes it might be viewed on. Nowadays, an approach to web design like this is far from optimal; their analytics showed that nearly half of their traffic was attempting to view the site from a smart phone or tablet, and those users were having a poor experience.

Since the original website was developed, knitting and quilting classes had become a big part of Wooden Spools' business, so the owner wanted functionality to allow her customers to easily register and pay for classes online. Overall, the owner wanted the site to be easier for her to manage, and for her customers to use. 

After consulting with the owner and establishing an understanding of what needed to be done, Skigen.Digital proposed to completely overhaul the original Wordpress website, which was accepted. 

The new WoodenSpools.com is built on a customized fully-responsive theme that looks great on any device, from the smallest mobile to the largest desktop.

To improve the process for class registrations, Skigen.Digital created an interactive events calendar & booking system.  This system allows users to not only see a calendar of upcoming classes, but also to register and pay for them online. The application will send files, such as a supply list, to registered participants prior to the event.  Also, prior to an event, the system generates a list of registered attendees for the instructor. Best of all, the entire system is incredibly easy for the store's staff to administer. 

Given the visual nature of quilting and knitting, a gallery system was also implemented to display work by customers. This type of content is perfect for social media, but the owner was spending a lot of time posting the images both to Facebook and to the website. To simplify this process, Skigen.Digital integrated the website gallery with Facebook.  Now, when a new image is posted to certain albums on Facebook, they immediately appear on the website as well!

For this project, Skigen.Digital supplied: 

  • Wordpress web development
  • eCommerce (via Wordpress WooCommerce)
  • Location photography
  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media integration
  • Facebook gallery integration
  • Blog setup
  • SEO

Since going live, Wooden Spools has received numerous compliments and praise about the new site. In the few short weeks it's been in production, it's already a huge success and Wooden Spools is confident this site will help take the business to the next level.

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