SpectaClip is a simple solution to a problem faced by billions of people across the world: "where do I store my glasses when I'm not wearing them?"

Invented by a dental hygienist who was sick of losing or breaking her glasses, SpectaClip offers an inexpensive, secure place to conveniently stash your eyewear. 

SpectaClip approached Skigen.Digital seeking a website to sell their product, and needed it completed in just a few weeks time.

Skigen.Digital reviewed the product, and SpectaClip's business goals before confirming that Shopify was the ideal platform to power the new online store. 

In just over two weeks, Skigen.Digital took the project from concept to completion, creating an awesome Shopify-powered online store for SpectaClip to market & sell their peeper keepers. 

The site offers fully responsive layout, and a wholesale pricing system to allow retailers and resellers to purchase the product in bulk at special wholesale pricing. 

Check out SpectaClip.com today!